Stakers are in charge of protecting H2O protocol from insolvency. They stake POSEIDON/OCEAN Uniswap V3 in a smart contract that then constantly checks whether H2O is well capitalized.
In case the protocol is undercapitalized (has debt that is not backed by collateral), the staking pool will start to auction POSEIDON/OCEAN LP tokens in exchange for H2O that is then used to bring the protocol above water. Stakers will get diluted in the process.
In exchange for protecting the protocol, stakers receive more POSEIDON.

Staking Walkthrough

First users need to provide liquidity in this POSEIDON/OCEAN Uniswap v3 pool using ​
Once you receive your POSEIDON/OCEAN LP tokens, head over here in order to see the staking dashboard.
Once you stake, you will start to accrue rewards every block. You can claim rewards anytime using the Claim Reward button.
When you start unstaking, you can head over to the Unstaking section.
  • You request that a portion of your currently staked tokens should be unstaked.