🏁Airdrop Claim Process

If you are eligible for the H2O airdrop, navigate to h2odata.xyz, make sure to connect your Metamask wallet. One that is done you should see the Airdrop tab appear at the top .

The next step is to claim your airdrop! Make sure your wallet is connected, and Metamask unlocked. Then you can go ahead and press β€œClaim”.

If using a hardware wallet make sure it’s unlocked and running the Ethereum application, or else you will get a message saying withdraw failed.

You will have to then sign a transaction with Metamask (and your hardware wallet if applicable). Once the transaction is completed, the Airdrop button will go from β€œClaim” to β€œAirdrop Claimed” . You now have successfully claimed your $PSDN Airdrop!

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