How TO Guide : psdnOCEAN Staking

Convert Dashboard

Step 1: Input the desired amount of $OCEAN you want to convert.

Choose the desired options regarding 'Lock tokens' and 'automatic staking'.
  • Lock tokens – leaving 'lock tokens' unchecked, means you are delegating the responsibility of locking your tokens into veOCEAN, resulting in a small fee.
  • Automatic staking – will automatically stake psdnOCEAN in the psdnOCEAN single-side staking pool.

Step 2: Click the “Convert” button and approve the transaction in Metamask. Wait for confirmation. The new psdnOCEAN balance will appear under “Your Balance.” The amount of staked psdnOCEAN will display under "Your deposit".


PSDN and psdnOCEAN (single-sided) can be staked by pressing the "Stake" button and approving the transaction in Metamask.

How to provide liquidity on psdnOCEAN/OCEAN LP?

Step 1: Provide liquidity to the [80-20] psdnOCEAN/OCEAN LP on Balancer by pressing invest.

Step 2: Choose the desired amount

Note that the pool is 80% psdnOCEAN and 20% OCEAN.
Approve the required transactions in Metamask and get ready to stake!

Step 3: LP Staking

Once you have your psdnOCEAN/OCEAN LP tokens, head back to the staking dashboard, choose the amount of LP tokens you wish to stake and press "Stake". Your balance will be updated after the transaction is confirmed.

Claiming rewards

All rewards are displayed in $OCEAN and $PSDN. These rewards are distributed on a weekly basis and can simply be claimed by pressing the "Claim" button on the screen below.